Repromer OH-4000

For SEC of neutral and anionic Polymers (PEO, PEG, Pullulan, Polyarylamid, Hyaluronic acid, Polyacrylic acid, Dextransulfats, Heparin, Pektin, Polyvinylalcohol, etc.)
Molecular range: 1 – 300 KD

(Max. flow: 1 ml/min, pH-range: 2-10, Eluent: water with salts / Buffers, MeOH, ACN
(Temperature: 10 – 80 C°, Storage under 0.05 % NaN3, Avoid drying)

Alternatives to: HEMA-Bio (Tessek), OHpack (Shodex), PL-Aquagel-OH (Agilent), Polysep P3000/4000/5000 (Phenomenex), Suprema (PSS) , TSK-G2500/3000/4000/5000 PW, Ultrahydrogel (Waters).


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Particle Size
  • 10 µm
Pore Size Å
Surface Area m²/g
Phase/Modification Methacrylat-Polymer basis
USP Code L37
Endcapping No
Carbonload 0 %
PH Range 2 to 10
Repromer OH-3000 Repromer OH-5000