EcoPrep media are irregular silica based stationary phases that are produced at large scale and that are available in 10, 20 and 50 µm. EcoPrep media with a stringently controlled particle shape and particle size distribution are optimised for large scale preparative and process scale applications in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Possible applications include capture steps, solid phase extraction, desalting, pre-purification, flash and polishing steps. Various standard surface modifications with ultra high carbon load are offered.


Phases/Modifications / C18, ODS / Si
Pore Size Surface Area
60 Å 550 m²/g
120 Å 320 m²/g


Name Particle Sizes Carbon Load Pore Size
EcoPrep 60 Si 32 % 60 Å
EcoPrep 60 C18-2 NE 32 % 60 Å
EcoPrep 120 Si 120 Å
EcoPrep 120 C18-2 NE 25 % 120 Å
EcoPrep 120 C18-2 HE 27 % 120 Å
Encapharm Equisil