ReproSil Chiral-D-PhenylGlycin

„Brush-Type“ phase.
Typical eluent: Heptanes / IPA / TFA

Alternative to Nucleosil Chiral-3, Sumichiral-OA-2000,

For Herbicides + Pharmaca (Alcohols, Carboxylicacids, Esters, Sulfoxides
like Fenoprop-methyl, Mecoprop-methyl, Supidimides

Inverse elution to ReproSil Chiral-L-PhenylGlycin


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Particle Size
  • 3 µm
  • 5 µm
Phase/Modification N-(3,5-Dinitrobenzoyl)-D-Phenylglycin
USP Code L36

Material Numbers

Phase Material Number
ReproSil Chiral-D-PhenylGlycin, 3 µm r13.DPG.
ReproSil Chiral-D-PhenylGlycin, 5 µm r15.DPG.
ReproSil Chiral-L-PhenylGlycin ReproSil Chiral L-Leucin