ReproSil L-Hydroxy-Prolin

Ligand exchange,
Eluent: 2-10 mM Coppersulfate , 20-60C°

(For DL-Atrolactinacid, DL-Mandelic acids, DL-lactic acid, DL-Asparagin; DL-Serin, DL-Phenylalanin, DL-Threonin, DL-Prolin, DL-Histidin, DL-Valin, DL-Tyrosin, DL-Tryptophan)

Alternative to Nucleosil Chiral-1 and Chiralpak WH (MA+)


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Particle Size
  • 5 µm
Phase/Modification L-Hydroxy-Prolin
USP Code L32
PH Range 2 to 8

Material Number

Phase Material Number
ReproSil L-Hydroxy-Prolin, 5 µm r15.hp.
ReproSil Chiral-L-Prolin ReproSil Chiral-Beta-CD