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Dr. Maisch manufactures quality products from UHPLC to prep LC and has several patents on nano and prep hardware.
We invite you to learn more about our products in webinar presentations and in step-by-step user tutorials. Click on the links below, to stay up to date, follow our Dr. Maisch Youtube channel or have a look at our flyer.

Chiral Flyer

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We invite you to watch the recording of our webinar in order to learn more about our innovative and patented LONGLIFE column hardware for HPLC and SFC applications. LONGLIFE columns offer superior performance and extended lifetime. LONGLIFE is the only prepacked column hardware on the market with an integrated DAC mechanism.

LONGLIFE Preparative Scale Column Hardware


Watch our webinar about MODCOL preparative SPRING COLUMN hardware and our latest upgrades on available dimensions and MULTIPACKER, a packing device enabling the economical in-house packing of multiple column sizes of this hardware from lab-scale to process scale in DAC and SAC mode.

MODCOL Preparative Scale SPRING COLUMN Hardware and MULTIPACKER)

Chiral HPLC

We invite you to watch the recording of our webinar to understand the principles of Chiral HPLC, different types of stationary phases, their characteristics and separation modes. To learn more about Dr. Maisch HPLC's solutions to your separation challenges.

Chiral HPLC - from Basics to the Latest and Unique Novelties