MODcol® MultiPacker®

  • Easy and Safe Use
  • Pack Multiple Columns with One Unit
  • Unprecedented Safety Features
  • Fully certified by the German TÜV for the highest safty level
  • longer lifetime of prep columns
  • reproducible column packing without high packing knowledge

Because it employs a pneumatic packing mechanism, the MultiPacker® instrument for 25 mm and 50 mm i.d. Spring® columns uses no electrical power, making it safe for use with many types of solvents and a good choice for hazardous environments. The same applies to the 50 mm to 150 mm model. However, it features an airdriven hydraulic mechanism.

Other typical hydraulic packing systems on the market do not feature the damping devices provided in the MultiPacker® instrument. Therefore media (especially sensitive large pore media) can suffer from pressure peaks created by the hydraulic pumps. Pressure peaks cause particle breakage, leading to high back pressures, loss of efficiency, and poor peak shape. Also, the packing speed and the packing pressure of traditional systems may not be independently controlled, as is possible with MultiPacker® systems. The MultiPacker® instrument for 25 mm and 50 mm Spring® columns overcomes this problem by using a pneumatic rather than hydraulic packing mechanism, combined with a hydraulic damping circuit. This combination allows a very smooth packing operation without any pressure peaks, and with the packing speed being completely independent from the chosen packing pressure.

The MultiPacker® instrument for 50 mm i.d. to 150 mm i.d. Spring® columns can also control the packing speed independently from the packing pressure. To help avoid pressure peaks that could harm the media, this air-driven hydraulic system features a sophisticated damping circuit which allows smooth and gentle packing of nearly all available chromatography media. Both MultiPacker® instruments are easy to use, require very little training, and are virtually maintenance-free. They are both approved by TÜV Rheinland according to the EU machinery directive, are fully CE-certified, and come with an ATEX® exclusion that states their suitability to be safely operated in explosion-hazard areas. Preparation for column packing is simple and straightforward; the packing process itself is very simple and can typically be performed in only a few minutes. Unpacking of the hardware and the cleaning process for the parts before re-packing are also easy to do.