ReproSil Chiral-JM-R

Perfect starting point in combination of ReproSil Chiral OM-R and ReproSil Chiral AM-R.
If ReproSil Chiral AMS shows indication of separation, this column should also be evaluated. Particularly appropriate for the following (and compounds with similar structures): Ibuprofen, Ketamine, Methadone, Nicotine, Steroids, Acebutolol, albuterol, Chlophedianol, Mianserin, and other compounds with a bulky substituent at the chiral center.
Alternative to Daicel OJ or Lux Cellulose-3


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Particle Size
  • 3 µm
  • 5 µm
  • 10 µm
Pore Size 1000 Å
Surface Area 30 m²/g
Phase/Modification Cellulose Tris (4-Methylbenzoyl)-Carbamate
USP Code L107
Endcapping No
Carbonload 0 %
PH Range
ReproSil Chiral-JM ReproSil Chiral-BM