ReproSil Chiral-Beta-PM

Alternative to Nucleodex ß-PM, Cyclobond I 2000 DM
Native chiral Beta-Cyclodextrin Phase, covalently bounded to 100 A° Silica,
(Dansyl-Aminoacids, Barbiturates, Propranolol, Sulfonamide, Prostaglandine, Chlorthalidon)


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Particle Size
  • 5 µm
Pore Size 100 Å
USP Code L45
PH Range 2 to 8

Material Number

Phase Material Number
ReproSil Chiral-Beta-PM, 5 µm r15.bpm.
ReproSil Chiral-Beta-CD ReproSil-D Chiral-Beta-CD-R(+) Phenylethylamin