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Chiral HPLC

We invite you to watch the recording of our webinar to understand the principles of Chiral HPLC, different types of stationary phases, their characteristics and separation modes. To learn more about Dr. Maisch HPLC's solutions to your separation challenges.

Chiral HPLC - from Basics to the Latest and Unique Novelties


We invite you to watch the recording of our webinar in order to learn more about our innovative and patented LONGLIFE column hardware for HPLC and SFC applications.
LONGLIFE columns offer superior performance and extended lifetime.
LONGLIFE is the only prepacked column hardware on the market with an integrated DAC mechanism.

LONGLIFE Preparative Scale Column Hardware


Watch our webinar about MODCOL preparative SPRING COLUMN hardware and our latest upgrades on available dimensions and MULTIPACKER, a packing device enabling the economical in-house packing of multiple column sizes of this hardware from lab-scale to process scale in DAC and SAC mode.



Dr. Maisch HPLC:
Wacht our video about
Packing a ModCol Spring Column
with a Multipacker

MODCOL® columns represent a state-of-the-art preparative SPRING COLUMN hardware for column dimensions of 25 mm up to 150 mm ID. A Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) mechanism is realised through a mechanical spring column technology integrated into the column body. It is the only column hardware on the market maintaining a DAC mechanism independent of the packing stand. It is also unique in the way that packing pressure and packing speed can be controlled independently, enabling the packing of mechanically sensitive stationary phases. The columns are packed using our MULTIPACKER device that can handle multiple column dimensions and enables an in-house and on-demand packing of these columns in a reliable, safe, reproducible and economical manner. Watch this video too see how simple it is to pack a MODCOL column.

Multi-Selectivity Stationary Phases

We invite you to watch our Webinar about
Multi-Selectivity Stationary Phases.

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