ReproSil Chiral-JM

Perfect starting point in combination of ReproSil Chiral OM and ReproSil Chiral AM.
If ReproSil Chiral AMS shows indication of separation, this column should also be evaluated. Particularly appropriate for the following (and compounds with similar structures): Ibuprofen, Ketamine, Methadone, Nicotine, Steroids, Acebutolol, albuterol, Chlophedianol, Mianserin, and other compounds with a bulky substituent at the chiral center.
Alternative to Daicel OJ or Lux Cellulose-3


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Particle Size
  • 3 µm
  • 5 µm
  • 10 µm
Pore Size 1 000 Å
Surface Area 30 m²/g
Phase/Modification Cellulose Tris (4-Methylbenzoyl)-Carbamate
USP Code L80
Endcapping No
PH Range 2 to 8

Material Numbers

Phase Material Number
ReproSil Chiral-JM, 3 µm
ReproSil Chiral-JM, 5 µm
ReproSil Chiral-JM, 10 µm
ReproSil Chiral-GM ReproSil Chiral-JM-R