ReproSil Chiral-CM

Developed to resolve compounds that show partial resolution on ReproSil Chiral AM and/or OM.
Alternative to Daicel CHIRALCEL OC


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Particle Size
  • 3 µm
  • 5 µm
  • 10 µm
Pore Size 1 000 Å
Surface Area 30 m²/g
Phase/Modification Cellulose Tris-Phenylcarbamat
USP Code L70
Endcapping No

Material Numbers

Phase Material Number
ReproSil Chiral-CM, 3 µm
ReproSil Chiral-CM, 5 µm
ReproSil Chiral-CM, 10 µm
ReproSil Chiral-AMS-R ReproSil Chiral-GM